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A Leading Manufacturer And Supplier Of High-Quality Polyurethane Tubes For The Production Of Lathe-Cut Seals
SFJD is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality polyurethane tubes for the production of lathe-cut seals, thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer in form of granule and pellets for the production of injection molding seals, polyurethane casting machines as well as polyurethane casting products.


The core technology of our company is the research and development of polyurethane elastomer materials, especially the high temperature resistant polyurethane elastomer.


provide polyurethane elastomer for sealing solutions
As the developed polyurethane elastomer we produced meets the requirements of seals that are used in all types of industrial sectors , we have gradually become a company to provide polyurethane elastomer for sealing solutions. To meet the needs of different customers to independently process different polyurethane elastomers, we also provide low pressure casting machines.


Customized for you
Besides the standard materials that we have developed and completed.
SHIFANG's other great advantage is that customization, including the material property, product size, raw materials of prepolymer as well as polyurethane processing equipment can be customized according to customer needs.

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We can cast polyurethane tubes with a maximum OD size of 1600mm
High temperature resistant polyurethane tube of C500H
Hydrolysis resistant polyurethane tube of C700
High temperature resistant TPU based on PPDI
Move the new factory
Series of TPU for sealing based on MDI

This means that we can provide various size of polyurethane casting tubes ranging from 0 to 1600 mm.Our tube material size is extremely rich, allowing customers to choose to the most satisfactory size.

We have developed a polyurethane castable pipe C500H with high temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance and oil resistance, The C500H is a hydrolysis-resistant casting polyurethane elastomer. It combines the good mechanical properties with a high resistance to hydrolysis (degradation in water). it is stable in water up to +90 °C and has an outstanding stability in mineral oil.

We developed a hydrolysis resistant polyurethane cast pipe material C700 due to its good mechanical properties and hydrolysis resistant. It can be used in Rod Seals, Piston Seals, It combines the good mechanical properties with a high resistance to hydrolysis (degradation in water). It is stable in water up to +90 °C and has an outstanding stability in most common hydraulic fluids.

We have developed a series of TPU of high temperature resistant system, and these TPU are developed and synthesized based on PPDI. Compared with THE TPU of MDI system, the TPU of these PPDI systems has better resilience, better wear resistance, better high temperature resistance, better dynamic performance, especially in high frequency working environment, showing excellent service life. A large number of experimental data and market feedback show that this material has excellent service life in crushing hammers and excavators.

In 2021, I moved to the factory I bought and added many pouring machines, which increased the capacity and varieties of pouring polyurethane pipe material.


MDI series of polyurethane seals elastomer TPU scheme, P793S for polyether system, low temperature resistance, resilience, flexibility are excellent, suitable for most of the use of temperature is not high in the industrial field. P600 is a polycaprolactone system with excellent mechanical properties and is a standard material for hydraulic seals. P500 is both oil resistance and hydrolysis resistance, is a more widely used environment sealing material.

Cooperation Process

01 Demand submission
The business team carefully studies your needs. Recommend the most suitable sealing solution for you.
02 fast sampling
SFJD Will Provide Free Samples According To The Final Plan And Send Them To You.
03 sample for test
After You Receive The Samples, You Can Test Our Products To Fully Understand Whether Our Products Meet Your Needs
04 Mass Production
After Receiving The Down Payment, We Proceed To Manufacture Your Seals Through Our Production Line.
05 Packaging and Delivery
Your Finished Orders Are Properly Packed Into Your Custom Packaging And Shipped To You Through Trusted Logistic Companies.

core competitivenesses

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  • Short Lead Time
  • Timely Aftersales Service
  • Free sample
  • Material TDS and quality inspection report
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