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What are Polyurethane Granule ?

Polyurethane elastomer is important in sealing technology. The application environment of seals is very harsh, in the face of high temperature, pressure, sliding speed and various types of fluid media, the temperature resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, media resistance of materials are great challenges.
To develop sealing materials that meet the requirements of seals, SFJD specially set up a polyurethane elastomer material development department, a lot of polyurethane elastomer materials tailored for seals, after years of technical communication and application feedback, developed a series of outstanding sealing polyurethane materials. Our polyurethane tubes are all through the casting process, through the adjustment of the formula and the selection of raw materials, can produce a variety of mechanical properties and different hardness.



  • 01

    Independent polyurethane elastomer synthesis technology, tailor-made polyurethane elastomer material properties according to the application environment of the seal.

  • 02

    A variety of high-end isocyanate applications, TODI, PPDI, NDI.

  • 03

    Tailor the casting machine according to the characteristics of the prepolymer to produce polyurethane elastomers with excellent performance

  • 04

    Polyol modification ability,and have related patents,can develop a number of special properties of polyurethane raw materials.

  • 05

    10+ years of product use feedback exchanges can give a reliable sealing material selection plan.